The advantages of marble aluminum composite panels

Jun 09, 2017

Stone composite board refers to the natural stone and other materials combined with the plate made of sheet metal. In recent years, marble aluminum composite panels are highlighted in varying degrees of market competitive advantage:

1. Light weight

Marble aluminum composite panels are light in weight, and transportation costs a lot of money, and it is the best choice for building damage limits.

2. High strength

Marble aluminum composite plate bending resistance, shear strength significantly improved, greatly reducing the transport, installation, and the use of the process of breaking rate.

3. Anti-pollution ability

Ordinary marble original board (whole body board) in the course of the installation or after the use of the process, such as cement wet paste, it is likely that six months or a year later, the marble surface a variety of discoloration and stains, very difficult to remove. Composite board because of its floor more hard and dense, while there is a layer of thin layer, to avoid this happen.

4. Easy to install

With the above characteristics, in the installation process, regardless of weight, easy to break (strength, etc.) or color splicing are greatly improved the installation efficiency and safety, but also reduces the installation costs.

5. Break the restricted area

Marble aluminum composite panels are very light, the weight of only the whole body board 1/5 to 1/10. To decorate the ceiling with stone it is none other than it.

6. Sound insulation, moisture

With aluminum honeycomb panels and marble made of composite panels, because of its hollow aluminum bee core, with noise, moisture, heat, cold performance.

7. Energy saving, consumption reduction

Stone aluminum honeycomb panels because of its sound insulation, moisture, heat insulation performance, therefore, after installation in the indoor and outdoor can greatly reduce the consumption of electricity and heat.

8. Easier control of color

9. Reduce costs

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