Aluminum composite board industry has been an important factor in the development

May 16, 2017

  Now the urbanization construction in full swing, the building has been everyone's attention, we increasingly pursue a better image, and now the demand for curtain wall is on the rise, the curtain wall of many types, including aluminum composite platel demand is relatively large, because aluminum Alloy building materials products meet the energy-saving features, the following talk about the development of aluminum curtain wall industry is an important factor.

National policies to encourage the introduction of China's policy to encourage foreign investment to aluminum alloy aluminum veneer as the mainstream of a number of aluminum composite sheet project for the aluminum composite panel industry has brought great opportunities for development, promote the rapid development of the industry. And in recent years, infrastructure construction investment continues to increase, but also for the aluminum curtain wall industry to provide a huge demand for the market. According to the current market share of aluminum composite plate, about 175 million square meters per year of aluminum composite plate construction tasks. Energy conservation and environmental protection is the theme of social development, aluminum curtain wall with energy-saving environmental protection materials, the development of society has a great deal, is a good building materials, but also it can be the main reason for the development.