Comprehensive Understanding of Interior Wall Decoration Panel

Feb 07, 2017

Decorative materials is not only the external wall decoration materials, as well as interior wall decoration materials. There are several types of interior wall decoration materials, wall paint, wallpaper, aluminum composite panel.

Aluminum composite panel

Wall paint also known as topcoat, it is one of the main decorative materials used in the wall decoration. In order to achieve the purpose of bonding, wall paint is mainly composed of formaldehyde, so it can achieve the purpose of bonding.

Wallpaper is a widely used interior decoration materials. Wallpaper has colorful variety of patterns, there are a variety of styles and colors, can be printed in line with all kinds of pattern, you can create a home atmosphere arbitrary.

Aluminum composite panel as a new type of decorative materials, is one kind of interior wall decoration panel, suitable for different decoration of different rooms. it can also be used as decorative wall panels.