Aluminum Composite Panel Improve People's Quality of Life

Jan 18, 2017

Building decoration materials are mostly used cement, pressure plate, stone or aluminum-plastic panels, most of these materials do not fire, or not waterproof, not durable, not environmentally friendly, radiation, and even poisoning. Some adhesives or ordinary paint contain formaldehyde, toluene, VOC, plasticizers and other harmful substances in the human body. These harmful substances are difficult to release throughout the course, induced various diseases.

Fireproof aluminum composite panel is a new type of decorative materials, non-wood wins wood, non-stone super-stone! It is the only kind of multi-functional basic materials following wood, glass, fiber cement board stone, it will change people's traditional timber concept, greatly enhance people's quality of life, has a broad application of space, it will benefit all mankind.

Aluminum Composite Panel