Home Improvement Precautions of Aluminum Composite Panel

Jan 13, 2017

In the decoration process, we must first ensure that the aluminum surface to be very dry and smooth, so when the sticky will be very smooth and firm. In order to prevent the deformation or crack of aluminum composite plate, when we choose to use in the decoration, it is best to choose multi-layer aluminum plates, in the strong glue coated evenly, try to knock with a small hammer, so we can stick more solid and very close, there will be no bubbles, some aluminum is also multi-faceted, we can choose appropriate boards according to the decoration, 

In the home decoration using aluminum composite panel, especially the kitchen and bathroom, kitchen has more soot, easy to invade the gap to the aluminum plate, and gradually reduce the life of the aluminum plate and the degree of adhesion. In order to avoid the cracking of the aluminum sheet, at the time of bonding, it is best that the entire plate is divided into several small portions.

Granite Aluminium Composite Panel