The Durability of Aluminum Composite Panel

Jan 07, 2017

Aluminum composite panels have become popular decorative materials, it plays an important role in the decoration industry because of durability. We can learn more about durability.

Aluminum-plastic board used a fluorocarbon paint, so it can cope with a variety of environmental changes, weathering performance is very strong. No matter what the face of the environment, it almost does not appear faded. Its application has also been recognized by the user in the construction industry, load-bearing capacity is very strong, the general weight will not cause much harm to it, then when we use it, will be more durable. Because the general external force will not cause damage to it.

At present, fashionable and durable aluminum-plastic panels are more and more popular, especially fireproof ACP we need to do some maintenance measures during use, it can accompany us longer.

Fireproof Aluminium Composite Panel