Aluminum Composite Panel Development Trend

Dec 28, 2016

The development trend of aluminum composite panel is very good, aluminum composite panel make an aluminum alloy sheet as the surface, and polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride plastic as the core layer. It has aluminum - plastic - aluminum three layers board, Thickness generally are 3mm, 4m, 6mm or 8mm. According to the coating and the composition, it has a lot of types. The most common include PE ACP, mirror aluminum composite panel.

Aluminum composite panel is a new type of metal-plastic composite sheet, more and more widely used in the exterior walls of buildings and indoor and outdoor wall, cylindrical and top surface finishes. To protect its surface are not scratched in the transportation and construction, aluminum-plastic panels are affixed with a protective film.

As the aluminum-plastic plate has light weight, high strength, easy installation, beautiful luxury and many other advantages, it is used widely, the future development prospects are very good.

Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel