Ceiling Technology of Aluminum Composite Panel

Dec 26, 2016

Aluminum composite panel ceiling technology is introduced mainly from the construction process of aluminum plastic board. 

1.First, check the skeleton quality, check the boom straight, uniform force, keel spacing is not more than 500mm, if it is used into the humid environment, the design requirements appropriate to reduce the distance, only binding after confirmation is acceptable.

2.Cutting board, to cut along the cutting line, so that the edge of the cutting plate is straight.

3.Fixed board, the aluminum-plastic board edge (including sealing edge) is vertical with the supporting keel. Aluminum-plastic panels butt should be tight, but not in place, can be from a plate angle or the middle of the ranks, not at the same time paved, slats should be straight, no staggered seam phenomenon.

4.Finally, bonding aluminum composite panels, when the aluminum plastic board bonding, must rely on tight, the final laying effect is neat.

Aluminum Composite Panel