Construction Technology of Indoor Aluminum Composite Panel

Dec 22, 2016

When the ground floor structure has been completed, and has a certain strength. Electrical, pipelines and other pipelines have been laid. Ground, flat top, elevation has been clear. We can begin to install the APCP in the interior. First, the plastic aluminum is processing and cutting, then we can install indoor aluminum composite panels.

First, board and board are connected, plastic aluminum plate and another plastic aluminum plate or other materials are connected by rivets, bolts, screws, nails, etc. If preformed plate installed Z-type aluminum angle material, the high-strength structural adhesive is bonded to the back surface of the preformed plate, and the middle edge of the angle material is joined with the rivet of the plate to prepare the prefabricated plate on the wall. Prefabricated prefabricated panels are bolted to the keel, and the panels are adjusted to the same horizontal plane and fixed with rivets and tapping screws. Insert the cushion material at the junction, then coat the sealant, and finally thrown off the protective film board.

Aluminum Composite Panel