The Difference between Interior Wall and External Walls of Aluminum Composite Panel

Dec 20, 2016

Aluminum composite panel can be used indoors can also be used as exterior wall construction material, but the interior wall of aluminum-plastic panels and external walls of aluminum-plastic panels are different.

First, the thickness of the plate is not the same, the inner wall of aluminum composite plate thickness is 3 mm, while on the market aluminum-plastic panels that thickness is equal to or less than 3 mm can be applied to the interior wall; The thickness of the external walls of aluminum composite panels will be equal to or greater than 4 mm, and some even 5 or 6 mm.

Second, coating or film thickness is not the same, general interior wall of aluminum composite plate film thickness will be below 15 microns, thickness of outer wall coating is more than 25 microns, so that weatherability will be better.

Third, the coating material is not the same, interior wall of aluminum-plastic plate coating commonly used polyester resin, and the outer wall of aluminum-plastic plate coating commonly used fluorocarbon resin coating. Finally, aluminum foil thickness is not the same.

Aluminium  Composite Panel