Standard for Ceiling Quality of Aluminum Composite Panel

Dec 15, 2016

Construction process standards of aluminum composite panel mainly is the selection of materials, specifications and colors of aluminum plastic plate materials should meet the design requirements, aluminum - plastic plate products should pass a certificate of competency; Decorative panel surface should be smooth, the edge should be neat, he color should be consistent, perforated plate hole spacing should neat. In the construction process, the quality standards to achieve the follow points.

1.All specifications, colors, quality and skeleton structure, fixation methods should meet the design requirements and quality standards.

2.The installation of ceiling keel and cover panel must be solid, they have neat appearance, and do not deformation do not discoloration, do not incomplete, do not broken.

3.light steel frame shall not bend and deform, panels shall not be damp, and it has consistent thickness.

4.When finishing the completion of the ceiling, it is not allowed foreign objects to impact.

5.After the completion of the ceiling installation, the aluminum composite panel should be measured.

Aluminum Composite Panel