The Future of Home Improvement Materials

Dec 09, 2016

Now the home improvement industry is very hot, home improvement materials have a lot, including aluminum composite panels, aluminum composite panel curtain wall of their own advantages and the continuous development of high-performance. We believe that the future of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall should be broad, as one of the building curtain wall products is irreplaceable, will develop all the time.

Aluminum composite plate has been in progress, the future will be more perfect! Aluminum-plastic plate is easy to process, forming a good material. For the pursuit of efficiency, time of the excellent products, it can shorten the duration and reduce costs. Aluminum-plastic panels can be cut, slotted, band saw, drilling, processing buried, but also cold bending, cold folding, cold rolling, riveting, screw connection or glue bonding.

ACP itself has a unique performance, determines its wide range of uses: It can be used for building facades, curtain wall panels, renovation of old buildings renovation, interior walls and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stand, dust purification works. Aluminum composite panel has been widely used in the country, is a new type of building decoration materials.

Spectra Aluminium Composite Panel