Comparison of Fireproof ACP with Ordinary Aluminum Composite Panel

Nov 21, 2016

Fireproof aluminum composite panel and ordinary aluminum composite panel have different combustion performance and fire rating.

Fireproof ACP is a new type of non-combustible decorative materials. It uses non-combustible inorganic materials as the core material, the surface is PVDF coated aluminum alloy. Through advanced technology to achieve the perfect combination. Form a stylish, superior, convenient indoor and outdoor decoration materials. Fire-resistant aluminum composite panels not only has the advantages of ordinary ACP, in the fire level and environmental protection and strength of the plate, make up for the lack of ordinary ACP.

On the general ACP terms, the core material is the flammable polyethylene, in case of fire that is burning, are natural materials. When the temperature reaches its burning point, thereby causing accidents.

Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel