How to View The cost-effective of Aluminum Composite Panel?

Nov 03, 2016

For aluminum composite panels, the performance is very important. The first look at the raw materials, because this composite material is the use of aluminum alloy and plastic core, so these two materials also directly related to the quality of the final product quality. In particular, the purchase of fireproof ACP, we should know that the material achieve an excellent fire performance. For example, the use of PE plastic, it has a very good flame resistance, coupled with the outside of the aluminum layer, it can achieve the national standard fire safety requirements.

The second is to look at the coating, the coating can protect the plate, and make the panel has beautiful appearance. At the same time, it also has some other features, such as coatings can be anti-bacterial sterilization, play the role of anti-mildew rot, so the choice of coating is actually very important, which can well see the plate process.

The last is the aluminum composite panel overall performance, such as thickness, weight and impact resistance, ultra weatherability, etc., can see a specific level of technology, so that we can more objective and more effective to make judgments.

Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel