Which Types of ACP Used in Construction?

Nov 01, 2016

Aluminum composite panel is mainly used in construction, the construction field uses this product, also has several different categories. We can be divided into three categories, the first category is the planes used indoor, basically, the quality requirements of such plates is the lowest, usually about three millimeters in thickness, suitable for interior decoration, such as the floor, or noise walls, etc., for example, PE aluminum composite panel.

There is also a plate for a variety of advertising signs, or some of the external walls of the above framework, decoration, etc., The plates are more than four millimeters, this material is very wide range of applications, such as UV printing board aluminium composite panel.

The final is special aluminum plastic plate used in the construction of the curtain wall, the plate thickness of the standard is not less than four millimeters, its use requirements are that the surface coating is used of fluorocarbon coating. In general, such plates for the production of materials is also a clear requirement, better recognition by the market, get the recognition of consumers, which can have a good sales after the production.