How to Store Aluminum Coil?

Oct 29, 2016

With the development of the economy, the market for aluminum coil demand is growing. If the aluminum alloy roll is not properly stored, it is likely to bring inconvenience to future use, so we must strictly abide by the aluminum alloy roll storage method.

Aluminum Coil

1.It is strictly forbidden to be stored together with chemical materials and wet materials. Aluminum coils are cleaned regularly after they are processed into doors and windows.

2.the storage environment should be dry and bright, well-ventilated, non-corrosive climate. In the storage, the bottom must be separated from the ground with the dunnage, it should maintain the distance from the ground is greater than 10CM.

3.In the transport process of aluminum coil, must be covered with a sheet of cloth to prevent rain, snow. Must ensure that the surface of the oxide film and the film is not damaged, while the select qualified cement and sand.