Production Requirements of Aluminum Composite Panel

Oct 10, 2016

As the current economic development, consumer has higher demand for the products, as an aluminum composite plate manufacturer, we will have strict requirements for the appearance of the aluminum-plastic plate quality and decorative effect.

First of all, aluminum-plastic panel manufacturers allow some small deviation about  the size of the aluminum-plastic panels, such as the size of curtain wall panels allow a certain range of deviation, if there is a special size of the allowable deviation can be agreed between supply and demand sides.

Second, aluminum-plastic plate has requirements for fire performance, there are some good fire performance of the aluminum-plastic plate, manufacturers can not have errors. But the building exterior wall with APCP products do not special fire requirements.

Aluminum composite panel is a relatively new decorative materials, because of its colorful, and gradually become ideal decorative materials of young people.

Fireproof Aluminium Composite Panel