Multi-decorative Aluminum Composite Panel

Oct 08, 2016

There are many varieties of ACP, is widely used, it is a new type of material, the prospects for development is still great.

Coated decorative aluminum panels is one of the ACP, the aluminum surface is coated various decorative coating. With a decorative role, is the most common varieties of the market. There are oxidation-colored aluminum-plastic panels. It has rose red, bronze and other chic colors, play a special decorative effect. Film decorative composite panel has color film, according to the set process conditions, relying on the role of adhesives, the main varieties are granite pattern, wood-board.

There are some color printing aluminum composite panel. It can meet the designer's creativity and the owners of the personalized choice. Is a very popular aluminum composite panel products, we can try to use.

Decorative Aluminum Composite Panel