Plastic Composite Profiles Advantages

Sep 26, 2016

1. good insulation, plastic composite profiles of plastic has low thermal conductivity, insulation effect is more excellent 1250 times than aluminum.

2. Sound insulation is good, aluminium composite panel window is designed carefully, tight joints, the test results noise 30db, the relevant standards.

3. impact resistance: the outer surface of the plastic composite profiles is aluminum alloy.

4. Air tightness is good, aluminum composite windows were installed multi-channel sealing tops or strip, can take advantage of air conditioning effect, saving 50% of energy.

5. Maintenance-free, aluminum windows and doors color less susceptible to acid erosion, will not turn yellow fade. When it is dirty, clean the plane with water plus detergent.

6. If the window is made of fireproof aluminium composite panel, it has fire properties.

Fireproof Aluminium Composite Panel