Favored Aluminium Composite Panel

Sep 05, 2016

Aluminum composite panel is made of the inner and outer sides of the aluminum alloy sheet, low density polyethylene core layer, it is a new type of metal-plastic composite wall decoration materials, because of its fire, acid, impact resistant, flexible, simple construction, easy to clean, etc., widely used in building walls, interior decoration, advertising, car decoration, furniture manufacturing and other fields. Aluminum composite panel is a new ecological environment construction materials, has been called the third generation of wall materials following the architects stone, glass.

After nearly 10 years of development, aluminum composite panel has been in all aspects of market awareness, production, varieties, technology, quality, standards, applications have made significant progress. According to incomplete statistics, since 1998, aluminum composite panel annual growth rate of nearly 30%. By 2002, the annual output of ACP has more than 50 million square meters, and has formed a certain scale of export capacity. It can be said, ACP has been a booming industry in China.

PE Aluminium Composite Panel