Why Is Aluminum Composite Panel Curtain Wall Economical?

Sep 03, 2016

Aluminum composite panel curtain wall is economic and practical, the reason is aluminum composite panel product itself price and easy processability. Compared with aluminum honeycomb panels, the price of aluminum plate aluminum is one half of the price of aluminum honeycomb panels. Compared to finished aluminum components, cost per square meter of aluminum composite panel assembly is less about 30% of a monolayer of aluminum components.

However, in order to cope with market competition and lower prices requirements, many curtain wall material manufacturers choose low-quality aluminum. Specification expressly aluminum curtain wall panels must use two 0.5 mm thick aluminum plates. The outer surface of the aluminum plate must be selected fluorocarbon coating. Our company strictly in accordance with the provisions of the production of aluminum composite panel. Welcome to consult and inspect.

PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel