How to Choose The Advertising Material?

Sep 01, 2016

Billboard is very common thing in our daily life, in fact, there are many billboard material, how to choose a billboard materials to show their advertising results?

Billboard material includes KT board, Acrylic panels, organic board, imported plastic plate, polycarbonate panels, PVC panels, light boxes, body paste, pictorial cloth, canvas cloth, silver eagles cloth, single transparent paste, reflective film and others. Recently the most popular material is UV printing board aluminium composite panel, it may be printed in various colors and patterns, good wind resistance, suitable for high-speed road ad impressions, does not fade and not easy to deform.

UV Printing Board Aluminium Composite Panel

Advertising material directly determines the effect of advertising, when the advertiser select these materials, we must pay attention to these issues, because the billboard material is also very important, although design is valued, but also good material can highlight the effect of advertising.