Aluminum Curtain Wall

Aug 22, 2016

At present the domestic used aluminum curtain wall, the vast majority are aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panels. In addition, aluminum panels include wooden aluminium composite panel and granite aluminium composite panel.

Composite aluminum panel has three layers, the outer layers are pure aluminum,it is 0.05mm, the middle layer is Polyethylene, its thickness is 3-4mm. Commodity is tablet with certain specifications, such as 1220mm × 2440mm. External composite aluminum surface coated fluorocarbon coating with a roll manner, thickness of the coating is generally about 2 0μm, advantages of composite aluminum is light, smooth surface, good flatness, and has excellent workability scene.

During the installation, composite aluminum plate is processed into wallboard. First, we need cut board according to design, we should take into account the size of hemming, generally add up each side about 30mm. According curtain wall installation company, cutting board of finished product rate is generally 60% to 70%. Cut composite panels need four sides gouging, then fold into a 90-degree angle, then we should produce a same sub-frame, placed at the groove, fixed to complete the installation.

Granite Aluminium Composite Panel