Aluminum Composite Panel Installation And Maintenance

Aug 20, 2016

Aluminum composite panel is a not easy to be stained dust materials, but it is not absolute. Due to the different conditions of use environment, it also become dirty. The reason is that dust and harmful gases in the atmosphere and harmful ingredients attached on the aluminum composite panel. The cleaning cycle depends on environmental conditions and the actual plate surface, we recommend that building exterior cleaning at least once per year, interior wall surface cleaning should be carried out depending on the actual dirt level.

Installation Precautions:

1. before installation carefully check the color, luster of the aluminum composite panel.

2. note that the installation direction of the arrow marked construction, to avoid color difference.

3. be sure to tear of the protective film within 45 days of the construction.

4. Please use silicone rubber to caulk the gap between the boards.

Aluminum Composite Panel