Aluminium Composite Panel Seams

Aug 17, 2016

In the past, in big cities or in the media browser, we have seen verve decorative materials-Aluminium Composite Panel. Now, although in small towns, we can see a seat in the form of different, colorful aluminum composite panel works. This material not only has the effect of metal wall, but also it has excellent texture and lighter than metal curtain, easy on-site bending can be made in various shapes. 

Aluminum composite panel seams used sealant, surrounded by aluminum composite panel is connected to the aluminum alloy frame keel, border keel shape is combined with specific stress condition, each project will be different. But this tells us that the shape of aluminum profiles design can reduce the amount of raw material. If a simple aluminum alloy square tube, the discontinuity is reasonable, and waste materials. Another point is the aluminum frame design must take into account the temperature difference of ACP, This is an important part of keeping the flatness of aluminum composite panel curtain. Otherwise, there will be bubbling on ACP walls.

Granite Aluminium Composite Panel