Quality Analysis of The Aluminum Composite Panel

Aug 12, 2016

Aluminum composite panel has started being widely used in building decoration, it has smooth surface, beautiful colors, high impact resistance, good durability, and easy installation. ACP can be divided into external building project panel and internal decorative panel.

Internal decorative panel usually applies into restaurant, kitchen, bathroom and partition wall. When it is installed, firstly, panel surface should be keep smooth. Secondly, the glue should be placed evenly, until the super glue diluents become not sticky when touch, then place panels and compact with hammer. Thirdly, ACP should be cut into pieces to install more easily. Otherwise, joint seam usually adopts glass cement, which requires even injection to make it looks good, in the end, it’s better to clean the surface after drying to keep the seam line straight.

Mirror Aluminium Composite Panel