Compared Aluminum Veneer And Aluminum Composite Panel

Aug 10, 2016

Curtain wall materials include aluminum veneer, aluminum composite panel and aluminum honeycomb panels. In these three materials, the most commonly used is aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panel. what are they have difference?

First, the cost and raw material, aluminum veneer generally use 2-4mm thick pure aluminum or aluminum alloy plate, but ACP generally use the 3-4mm three-layer structure. From the material, we can know that cost of aluminum composite panel is lower than aluminum veneer.

Second, the process is different. Currently the world's aluminum veneer has two kinds, they are fluorocarbon spraying aluminum veneer and coated aluminum veneer, processing of of aluminum composite panel is more complex than aluminum veneer, there are mainly formation, coating, composite and trimming four steps. From the machining process, aluminum composite panel holds some advantages in terms of environmental protection and safety.

Third, the appearance and physical properties are different. Appearance of aluminum veneer is worse than some of the aluminum plate, but its mechanical properties is better than aluminum panels, its wind pressure resistance is also superior to aluminum panels.

The foregoing analysis, aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panel has its own advantages, but from the perspective of large, aluminum composite panel should be more affordable.

Aluminum Composite Plane