Structural Features of Aluminum Composite Panel

Aug 01, 2016

Aluminum composite panel is made of outer and inner layers aluminum plates and mezzanine. Characteristics of this composite panels are uniform color, smooth surface, easy to make, but the disadvantage of this composite plate is that mezzanine can put poison gas during combustion, it can cause environment pollution, while aluminum and PVC mezzanine is laminated with glue, its composite strength is not high, it can not afford too much tension.

About fabrication and installation of aluminum composite panels, the manufacturer slotted the aluminum composite panels, then bent 90 °angle, added a fixed aluminum for four folding angle, thus the weight of the board and an external force stand by four sides, little security. Any walls stand the different positive and negative wind load pressure, the board is very easy to break the four sides, this phenomenon has occurred in the majority of the project, therefore, Aluminum composite panel curtain wall must be added to aluminum sub-frame.

Aluminium Composite Panel