How to Clean Aluminium Composite Panel?

Jul 30, 2016

Surface coating of aluminum composite panel need regular professional cleaning and maintenance. Such cleaning is not just in order to make the building keep clean and beautiful appearance, regularly remove dirt on the surface of the coating, to ensure long-term quality surface coating.

The cleaning cycle depends on the actual degree of contamination of the project location and environmental conditions.

Clean building exterior should be artificial or appropriate cleaning equipment, do not use any corrosive materials to clean surface coating.

Specific cleaning steps are as follows:

1. Rinse surface with water;

2. Use a soft cloth with detergent to wipe the plate surface lightly;

3. Then rinse the plate surface, the dirt will be washed away;

4. Check the board for no clean place to wash with detergent;

5. Rinse the board until all the detergent wash away.

Aluminum Composite Panel