Quality Appraisal of Aluminum Composite Panel

Jul 28, 2016

Aluminum composite panel is divided into facades engineering board and interior trim panel, application are more widely in life, especially used in key positions, so the quality appraisal is particularly important.

The first quality problem is plastic plates occur discoloration and bleaching, mainly due to improper selection of the sheet metal. Some construction units pose as anti-aging, corrosion-resistant high-quality fluorocarbon plate use indoor sheet, squeeze unreasonable profits, resulting in severe discoloration, bleaching phenomenon.

The second problem is the plastic sheet plastic, shedding, mainly due to improper selection of the binder. The ideal adhesive of outdoor aluminum plate is silicone glue, when buying aluminum plate, vendors will recommend dedicated fast rubber. This glue is acceptable for indoor use, but used in outdoor, giving rise to a plastic plate, shedding phenomenon.

The third issue is a modification of the surface of the aluminum plate, the main problem is primary material aluminum plate. 

Granite Aluminium Composite Panel