Superiority of Fireproof Aluminium Composite Panel

Jul 26, 2016

Outstanding characteristics of fireproofing

In aluminium composite panel series, fireproof aluminum composite panel uses a newly developed core material, this core material is filled with non-combustible inorganic filler, therefore the fire performance is lifted to achieve B1 level standard, can meet fire safety requirements in building codes.

Good characteristic of cost:

Fire aluminum composite panel used continuous coating, metal and core material continuous hot composite technology, compared with the general metal veneer, high productivity, low cost of raw materials.

Environment coordination:

Aluminum and plastic core material in waste ACP can be 100% recycled, low environmental load. In addition, outdoor decorative APCP used fluorocarbon coating, products have high durability, low routine maintenance cost, reducing the overall life cycle costs.

Wide application:

Aluminum panels are used widely, not only can be used decorative walls, interior and exterior, lobby, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, but also for the renovation of old buildings, used as a counter, furniture surface, the inner and outer walls and other vehicles.

Fireproof Aluminium Composite Panel