Characteristics of UV Printing Board Aluminium Composite Panel

Jul 21, 2016

UV board surface is treated through UV protection, UV is UV-curable paint, also known as photo-initiators paint. Ordinary wood or calcium silicate board are coated UV lacquer, then drying by UV light curing machine, which is an ideal plate conservation processes. UV printing board aluminium composite panel has many advantages.

1. self-cleaning, dirt will not easily attached surface, because of small paint, it will automatically break down under UV irradiation.

2. It can be made into various colors according to your request.

3. environmental health, UV board solved the environmental problems. Not only itself does not contain benzene, but also reduces the base gas emissions by dense cured film.

4. do not fade:By comparing the experimental results, compared with the traditional plate, UV decorative panels more excellent physical and chemical properties, to ensure that UV plate is not eclipsed.

5. Scratch resistant and acid corrosion, it has high hardness, more wear more bright, and it can withstand various chemical disinfectant corrosion.

UV Printing Board ACP