Development and Application of Aluminum Composite Panel

Jul 11, 2016

With the rapid development of construction industry, aluminum composite panel is called the third generation of curtain wall materials in addition to ceramic tiles, glass. The aluminum plate is popular in the global architectural decoration, mainly due to its light weight, high strength, weather resistance and other advantages. It is made of aluminum and plastic layer, it combines the advantages of aluminum and plastic, it has been gaining popularity in the construction industry.

Aluminum composite panel can be divided into outdoor and indoor use, then can be divided into general ACP and fireproof ACP. Outdoor aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum on the outer and PE or PVC in the middle, the middle laminated of fireproof ACP is FR(fire plastic).

ACP is good material to process and form, it can shorten the duration and reduce costs. It can be used as external walls, balconies, billboards, telephone booths, ceiling decoration.

Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel